A perfect day dawns and you’ve just gotta get out on the water… yOUR BOAT BETTER BE READY!

It’s a perfect forecast! Friends and family are looking forward to a great day on the water – but you don’t have time to prepare! Many a day on the water has been ruined by lack of preparation.

Our Maintenance and concierge services

Maintenance Management

Ever had your boating trip ruined by maintenance issues or something out of date? It’s frustrating, can be dangerous and in most instances it’s avoidable. We thoroughly check your boat and trailer, fix anything urgent and prepare a plan to ensure your boat is always ready. We can set up a reminder system for you or even manage the whole process on your behalf. 


Let us do that pre-launch check of safety gear, fuel, engine, accessories and trailer. We can even provision to your taste and budget.

Need a third party to service your motor, no problem – we can do contactless pick up, drop off and return once the job is done. Now you can relax and make the day memorable for the right reasons.